Transylvanian caving

Pestera Humpleu, Romania credit S Froude/T Barter

“It’s Thursday, it must be Romania” caving tour.

The Westminster Speleological Group of which I have been a member since 1983 had become a frequent organiser of foreign “expeditions”. I joined whilst working in London in order to make friends and to find a way of continuing my interest in caving, something that I had developed whist studying Rural Estate Management at the Royal Agricultural College at Cirencester. In 1983, Andy Sewell made the initial advances to connect with potential caving groups. This was not as easy as one might imagine. This was after all before the fall of communism and Nicolae Ceausescu was still firmly at the helm of this backwards country.

This image was taken with a lot of planning and some creative logistics. Simon operated the 2 cameras whilst I clambered off over the great rubble pile, working out by reference back to Simon’s carbide lamp as to where I might position the flash guns, which I fired and then moved on to the second stance.

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